Fee Protection – Is it worth it?

Courts Accountancy Services work closely with Taxwise to offer their clients piece of mind should HM Revenue and Customs ever come calling.

What is Tax Fee Protection Service?

HMRC tax and VAT investigations can be daunting, disruptive and expensive.  Courts Accountants will assist you every step of the way to answer HMRC’s questions and demonstrate you are paying the correct amount of tax.  This requires the expertise, time, flexibility and expense of your accountant on your behalf and such costs are not included in your regular annual fees.

Just as you take out contents insurance to protect your home or business, our Tax Fee Protection Service protects you against the unforeseen costs incurred by Courts Accountants when dealing with an HMRC enquiry.

Why do I need Tax Fee Protection Service?

All business and personal taxpayers are at risk of enquiry.  HMRC activity as been at unprecedented levels for a number of years to the point where enquiries are common place.

Even if the tax man finds no errors, the accountancy costs of dealing with HMRC can still be substantial.

For a modest amount you can enjoy peace of mind that Courts Accountancy Services cam deal with the tax authorities on your behalf and you will not be subject to any additional expense.  These costs will be covered by our policy.

What’s excluded?

  • Criminal prosecutions and fraud.
  • Enquiries that have commenced prior to subscribing to the service.
  • Enquiries to periods where Courts Accountancy Services were not appointed.
  • Any tax, interest or penalties due
  • Routine compliance work, e.g. preparing tax return.

In the event of a Tax or VAT enquiry

Please speak to us straight away, immediate professional advice can make all the difference.

Business clients are entitled to complimentary access to the country’s leading employment law advisors to obtain practical considered advice in the complex areas of employment law and business safety.

Unfortunately this service is only available to our clients, so may be its a good time to talk to us on 01280 875250.



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