Is it really you making the repayment claim?

The Abbey Tax Blog

HMRC appears to have stepped up the number of repayment security checks it undertakes, judging by an influx of letters we have recently seen.

Repayment claims are checked when a risk is activated which raises HMRC’s suspicion about the validity of a claim.

Here are some of the circumstances which may trigger a security check:

  • A claim is made where the taxpayer address differs from that shown on their self-assessment record.
  • Previous correspondence sent to the taxpayer address has been returned undelivered by the Post Office.
  • The taxpayer deceased signal is set on the self-assessment record.
  • The taxpayer is insolvent.
  • The repayment claim exceeds HMRC’s limits for automatic processing.

HMRC also stops repayments being made when certain signals are present on a taxpayer’s self-assessment record, such as the Budget Payment Plan or No Repayment signals. The Budget Payment Plan signal is self-explanatory, but the No Repayment signal is placed on…

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