‘Is diversity important in the workplace?’

Yes! A range of backgrounds, skills and qualities benefits any team of people to achieve innovative solutions to problems, which is a great asset to any business.

Women and men can have different risk appetites. Engineers and accountants may have a more linear, ‘process management’ type view of a business. Creative types from a marketing background may have new and interesting ideas to bring to the table. All have something to contribute to a management board.

If all boards were made up of similarly minded people, firms could end up suffering the effects of ‘group think’ – where the strategic direction of travel is decided by like minded individuals who fail to challenge each other’s decisions.

As such, any management board should consist of women and men and individuals from different backgrounds, industries, countries and cultures.

Happy team = hard work

Beliefs, religious, political or otherwise should be left outside the boardroom door and your board members should be prepared to work together in order to deliver the right strategic and tactical decisions for the company.


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